Video Engagement for businesses

Video Engagement for businesses is now a reality. In today’s expansive digital landscape, video has become the undisputed king of content. From advertising to content marketing, companies are increasingly turning to the power of video to attract, inform, and captivate their audiences. However, it’s not enough to simply create videos; the real challenge lies in maximizing engagement, meaning getting the audience not only to watch but also to actively engage with the content.

Video Engagement measures the extent to which viewers interact and connect with video content. This interaction can take various forms, including comments, shares, likes, subscriptions, extended viewing time, and conversions, among others.

The importance of Video Engagement for businesses

For businesses, Video Engagement is not just a popularity indicator, it’s a crucial metric that reflects the effectiveness of their marketing and communication strategy. High levels of engagement not only increase brand visibility but also boost customer loyalty, improve conversions, and strengthen the company’s reputation. In a content-saturated digital world, video engagement emerges as a key differentiator for companies looking to stand out and build strong relationships with their audience. By prioritizing the creation of relevant, engaging, and optimized content, companies can not only capture their audience’s attention but also turn them into loyal brand advocates.

Essential points in Video Engagement

Although this section is not solely focused on the business realm, it’s important to briefly mention the essential points for generating Video Engagement:

  • Relevant and valuable content: It should be relevant to the target audience and offer tangible value, whether educational, entertaining, or inspiring.
  • Compelling narrative: A strong and engaging narrative is essential to capture and maintain the viewer’s attention from the beginning to the end of the video.
  • Optimization for multiple platforms: Adapting audiovisual content to different platforms and devices ensures it reaches a wider audience and maximizes engagement opportunities.
  • Clear call to action (CTA): Including a clear CTA at the end of the content motivates viewers to take a specific action, whether it’s sharing the video, visiting the website, or purchasing the product/service, etc.
  • Interactivity: Integrating interactive elements such as polls, live Q&A sessions, or interactive links encourages audience participation.
  • Continuous analysis and optimization: Monitoring engagement metrics and adjusting the strategy as needed is essential for continuously improving the performance of audiovisual content.

Benefits of Video Engagement for businesses

By implementing Video Engagement in their communication strategy, organizations can transform into audiovisual mediums, differentiate themselves from the competition, and positively impact internal and external audiences.

With Video Engagement, you can achieve:

  • Consistent and effective communication
  • Expanded reach to different segments
  • Unified audiovisual criteria
  • Efficient media management
  • Streamlined production
  • Optimized tool spending

And this applies to:

  • Internal communication and training: Top-down communication of objectives, corporate culture, training on new products, etc.
  • External marketing and communication: Launching new products and services, thought leadership, product demonstrations, etc.
  • Service to partners and customers: Product training, new tools, video tutorials, workshops, etc.

Use cases of Video Engagement for businesses, with Watchity

Video Engagement has a place in various areas of businesses, always aiming to boost audiovisual communication and improve results. Below, we highlight the most prominent use cases:

  1. Internal Communication

Video Engagement can be crucial for internal communication by creating professional and interactive online events that allow connecting with employees, boosting the organization’s internal communication. Unlike other platforms, Watchity provides functionalities for professional production, brand customization, live streaming, and audience participation, creating better content and online events to reinforce communication.

The three key elements to achieve this are:

  • Engaging content: Content maintains a professional appearance with the company’s own branding, and brand presence is active throughout the audience’s experience.
  • Security and scalability: With Watchity, you ensure your audiovisual content reaches many more viewers in a completely confidential environment.
  • Participation and/or interactivity: You can be sure your target audience attends events and actively participates.

Key functionalities offered by Watchity to boost internal communication through video include: creation of landing pages, automated registrations and emails, simplified professional production, integrated broadcasting on the intranet, interaction tools, automated recording, clipping, security and confidentiality options, media repository, and video reporting and analytics.

The main events that can be created with Watchity for internal communication are webinars, virtual events, hybrid events, and event streaming.

The most recurring use cases among our clients in the field of internal communication are:

  • Large meetings: Events targeting employees from different locations to centralize communication from management.
  • Announcement communication: Organizing and managing informational sessions quickly and easily to communicate the latest updates to employees. These are typically communications about new procedures, tools, quarterly results, etc.
  • Corporate culture sessions: Aimed at aligning all delegations, departments, and employees by transmitting and reinforcing the vision, mission, and values defined at the corporate level. This includes CEO meetings, team-building sessions, inter-office presentations, etc.

  1. External Communication

Professional Video Engagement enhances external audiovisual communication to boost the global positioning of the company or brand.

Watchity offers functionalities to provide better content/events for the audience and reinforce communication. Professional production customizing content with the corporate identity, live streaming or on-demand broadcasting, and promoting audience participation during sessions or events are essential to achieve this.

Key functionalities of Watchity for improving external communication include: simplified professional production, integrated broadcasting on the company’s own website, security and confidentiality options, simultaneous broadcasting on various social media accounts, live clipping, media repository, and video reporting and analytics. You can see more information here.

Examples of Video Engagement use for external business communication include:

  • Brand leadership: Creating webinars, events, podcasts, and interviews, among others, will help establish leadership in your sector.
  • Corporate events: Organizing virtual or hybrid corporate events will enhance brand awareness.
  • Press conferences: Broadcasting online press conferences allows you to reach a larger audience and increase efficiency.
  1. B2B Marketing

Applying Video Engagement to B2B marketing allows generating more demand and accelerating the sales cycle of products/services with video-based campaigns and strategies. As with other cases, with Watchity, you achieve:

  • Greater brand awareness by enhancing corporate image and creating content that positions as a reference.
  • More demand by attracting potential customers through professional video content that generates engagement.
  • Broader reach, as content can reach a larger audience through the most relevant channels.

For B2B marketing, examples of usage with Watchity include creating audiovisual content such as webinars, virtual events, hybrid events, social media events, and event streaming.

Among the key functionalities, Watchity offers all the necessary tools to integrate professional video into the marketing department’s operations: creation of landing pages, automated registrations and emails, simplified professional production, broadcasting integrated on the client’s own website, chat/voting/questions and answers, broadcasting on social networks, automated recording, clipping, media repository, reporting, and video analytics.

Video becomes a strategic pillar in the organization’s marketing actions.

The most frequent use cases among Watchity’s B2B clients are:

  • Thought leadership: Creating webinars, interviews, brand events, and other events to position as a leader in their sector/industry.
  • Content marketing: Creating and distributing valuable video content that attracts and retains the audience. These include interviews, podcasts, success stories, and educational content.
  • Product marketing: Generating video content to introduce, promote, and position products through demonstrations, launches, and showrooms, among others.
  • Influencer marketing: Providing brand visibility with audiovisual content generated by influencers.

  1. B2C Marketing

Applying Video Engagement to B2C marketing allows fostering purchase intent and reinforcing brand positioning through video-based campaigns and strategies.

Examples of usage and key functionalities are the same as in the B2B section.

Regarding Video Engagement use cases for B2C marketing, apart from three mentioned in the previous section (content marketing, product marketing, and influencer marketing), here we also highlight:

  • Live eCommerce: through live streaming, product promotions can be carried out to increase eCommerce sales, whether through offers and promotions, sales shows, or video repositories.
  1. Online Training

Video Engagement contributes to boosting the development of employees and partners through online training, as it allows offering more professional content and sessions with greater participation/interaction.

With Watchity, the leading Video Engagement platform, you achieve:

  • More engaging content, as it looks more professional, can be customized with the corporate or brand identity, and maintains this image throughout the session and experience with the students.
  • More effective sessions, by encouraging participation and facilitating that users are more active and motivated.
  • Resource optimization, as the platform streamlines session management, minimizing tasks and making it easier to provide training throughout the company.

Regarding key functionalities, Watchity includes all the necessary ones to integrate professional video into the organization’s online training: creation and management of landing pages, registrations and automated emails, automated professional production, broadcasting integrated into the company’s eLearning portal, security and confidentiality options, interaction tools, automated recording, clipping, media repository, reporting, and video analytics.

Having all these functionalities and their ease of use or management allows video to be a strategic pillar within the company’s training plan.

The most prominent use cases within the field of online training are:

  • Employee training, where topics such as new procedures, the operation of corporate tools, or simply delivering recorded courses of interest are typically covered.
  • Sales training, aimed at improving salespeople’s product/service knowledge and helping them sell more. Content related to product launches, sales tools, and general pre-sales training are usually provided.
  • Partner training, to provide distributors with technical and commercial knowledge so they can sell the product/service, implement it for customers, offer after-sales service, etc. Thus, technical, commercial, and post-sales training is usually provided in this case.
  1. Customer Service

Professional video content and online events that promote engagement help boost customer service, achieving greater satisfaction and likelihood of loyalty.

The three key points to achieve this are:

  • Boosting brand recall. Being able to add your corporate image to online content and events to promote brand recall among the audience allows community to be built and brand identity to be strengthened.
  • Increasing loyalty. With Video Engagement, you can foster repeat purchases and thus increase loyalty to the brand.
  • Closer customer relationships. Hand in hand with the previous point, Video Engagement promotes customer participation and interaction with the brand, thus strengthening the feeling of closeness to the brand.

Regarding examples of events focused on customer service, such as in other cases, webinars, virtual events, hybrid events, and event streaming stand out.

As for key functionalities, they are the same as in the previous section.

Use cases of Video Engagement focused on customer service include:

  • Customer training, that is, generating training content so that customers can get the most out of the products/services they have purchased. These are usually webinar sessions, video tutorials, and video FAQs.
  • Feedback and surveys, to receive feedback from the audience through the Video Engagement content you generate. In this case, video surveys, idea validation, and interactive workshops are common.
  • Influencer campaigns, which provide visibility and generate engagement when managed by influential people. They include content on social networks, branded content, and testimonials, among others.
  • Live eCommerce, to interact live with customers through live streaming and thus boost sales. This use case includes audiovisual content such as promotions and offers, sales shows, and exclusive offers.

And that concludes our article explaining the importance of Video Engagement for businesses.

It’s clear that Video Engagement is a powerful tool for companies looking to stand out in this highly competitive digital age and connect more effectively with their audience, paving the way for business success.

If you want more information about this topic or our platform, don’t hesitate to contact us through this form.

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