Why Do Most SaaS Companies Do Webinars?

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Webinars allow connecting the audience with the live, in an interactive way, offering content of value. It is like opening a communication channel with your customers and potential customers, where you can establish a close and customized link. It is not comparable to other virtual communication channels that provide little or no human interaction. In this article, we will explain why most SaaS companies do webinars.

Loyal customers and qualified prospects are two of the main profiles that attend a webinar. They are interested in the topic you are going to discuss and usually find the meeting point through this channel comfortable and productive. Loyal customers can be interested in learning to optimize the use of service, discover new features, etc. Qualified prospects are often interested in the functionality and benefits they can achieve with their use or subscription. Other potential customers may have less interest at the outset, but thanks to the webinar discover the potential and want to learn more. SaaS companies do webinars because it is the ideal format to be able to do a product/service demonstration, share valuable content with the audience, and generate a space to solve doubts or collect suggestions. If we add to this that it enhances interaction and promotes the interest of viewers, it is clear that it cannot fail.

But there are more reasons for you to think why SaaS companies do webinars… Next, we will share the 5 that we consider most outstanding:

Webinars in SaaS companies

Help define the target

Finding our target or target audience and knowing their needs and expectations is key to scaling the business. Webinars facilitate this task because when you organize them, you promote them by highlighting a specific topic, and you can see if you attract the right audience to register and if they finally attend the event. If you fail because you do not deliver, do not worry, you just need to rethink the theme or focus, adjust the promotion message, and try again. We can also say that they facilitate this task because, once in the event, we can get feedback from the audience in real-time, talk to a large number of potential customers and find out what interests them and why.

Webinars, in many cases, allow us to launch real-time surveys that help us to get to know the audience better. A platform like Watchity allows you to perform this task easily, as well as other features that facilitate the management of such an event.

Provide content to share in other channels

The fact that webinars generally encompass a considerable amount of content is certainly positive and practical. It is like turning the content creation procedure around. In other words, instead of starting to generate content from scratch for the different channels, you can take advantage of the contents of a webinar and adapt them to those channels. It is a way to optimize resources and, at the same time, maintain consistency with the messages and contents we share.

A good way to do this is, once the webinar is done, we can share the video or an explanatory article on the blog, give the option to watch the webinar on deferred in a video channel created for this purpose, post shorter videos of some parts of the content on YouTube or Facebook, and even shorter videos on Instagram and Twitter. This way, a webinar can significantly amplify its reach by sharing 6-8 versions or content capsules on various channels.

Allow generating prospects and more revenue

We have arrived at the heart of the matter: generating prospects to end up generating more revenue. This is the main goal of the whole company. And most of them launch webinars because they believe (and they do) that adding this format to their content strategy will make it easier for them. Even so, it should be specified that they can be implemented looking for another more specific objective:

Generate a large number of potential customers

This means, in this case, the objective is to achieve a considerable number of potential customers, obtaining the register data to be able to reach them, maybe on another occasion, if they end up not attending the event.

Generate demand among potential customers

In this case, we already have a segment of potential customers who have been able to reach us through various channels and/or communications. And now, through one or more webinars, we can involve them more in our circle, offer them valuable content, and open the way for them to become qualified prospects.

Generate commitment with loyal customers

Another of the reasons why SaaS companies do webinars is to maintain their customers loyally. Through this channel, customers can participate and feel they are important, well attended and they can learn more about the product/service.

Do no require a big investment

Creating a webinar or an online event has a low cost since it only requires, technically speaking, a camera, a device to broadcast the content, a microphone, an internet connection, and a streaming platform.

Therefore, this format considerably reduces the costs of travel, production, and other resources when setting up and holding the event. In addition, with greater geographical ease, webinars can be organized more frequently and thus maintain a closer relationship with the audience.

Help build community

This is one of the main reasons why SaaS companies should do webinars. Building a community is a key point for a brand/company to succeed. Those who are part of it must feel a special connection, so the bond will be strengthened and will be more difficult for them to abandon. Therefore, the level of turnover will be lower and the success of the company, inversely proportional, will be higher.

Are you any clearer on why most SaaS companies do webinars? It is more than proven that implementing webinars to interact live with the audience is much more effective than any other form of content.

The Watchity platform offers features that make It easy to create, stream and record webinars with a professional result. If you want more information do not hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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