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How to Convey your Brand Image through Layouts

Nowadays, companies have very clear that that brand image is one of the most precious assets to protect. Therefore, we should not exclude from our webinars and online events the possibility of improving their appearance as much as possible, and of promoting, displaying, and customizing the content with our branding (logos, colors, designs, etc.). So, in this post we show you how to convey your brand image through the Watchity’s layouts in your webinars and virtual events.

How to customize the content with your branding

With Watchity, you will be able to go one step further with your current broadcasting tools, with the great possibility of customization offered by the layouts. Throughout the entire platform, you will find different elements to configure that will give personality and style to your events. Next, we will do a review:

Design of the Landing page

The Landing is the page where your viewers will live the full experience of your events. It will be the space where they will register previously, they will visualize the content and they will be able to return to consult the content once it is finished.

You can customize it in different ways:

  • Choose an image or a color for the header of your Landing page.
  • Choose the color of the text and the color of the buttons with the color code.

Customized emails

Emails are also an important element in communicating with your viewers and, therefore, the image and customization of these are of vital importance. In many cases, it will be the first contact viewers will have with your events and there should be no doubt as to who is inviting them.

In emails, you can edit the header again by choosing between an image or a color, and you can determine the color of the text and the color of the button.

Customization of the broadcasting content

So far, we have seen the pre-broadcast elements that allow you to reflect your branding in the event. But in the end, the most important image is the content you viewers will see. Watchity allows you to use different graphic elements to your camera feeds to give more added value to the broadcast.


  • <strongBackgrounds, images, or looping videos that will situate in the most backward part of your composition. Through your design, you can show at all moments logos, sponsored brands, the title of the event, hashtags, service information, etc.
  • Logos: as if it were a fly on a TV channel, you can configure the logo of your company or of one of the participants in any of the four corners of the screen in a very simple way.
  • Overlays: you can also use images or graphics on top of the rest of the content with the masking effect to beautify the image or add some element on a timely basis. The design must contain what we want to show and the rest in transparency since the files must be full screen.
  • Resource clips: this last option allows you to upload or use any default files to be used as intros, in-betweens, and acknowledgments.

Banners and labels

Finally, Watchity allows you to set up and design different types of banners or chyrons. You can define the colors, different shapes, and even the text font.customize-header

These banners allow you to edit two lines of text to introduce a speaker with his or her title, add any comment for the audience to read or, for instance, share a question.

For the speakers who intervene through our Speaking Room, we have available the “Labels”. These are elements that automatically follow the cameras of the speakers, wherever you place them, using the scene selector. You can also apply your own designs to these labels.

If you have any doubt, you can consult our help center, or send us a message..

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