Get the most out of the Speaking Room in your webinars
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Make the Most of the Speaking Room in your Webinars

Since its creation, at Watchity we have had the goal of simplifying the user tasks. So, we developed the Speaking Room, a proprietary video call tool that saves having different products at the same time.

How to make the most out of the Speaking Room in your webinars

Studio you can easily obtain the invitation link for the speakers participating in your event to capture their webcam, microphone and even screen sharing for slides or presentations.

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You can open the Speaking Room link from your computer browser, mobile devices and even tablets without the need to download any software.

When you have logged in, simply set your name as a participant and select your preferred options from the video and audio dropdown.

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Once inside, you will be able to share the space with the rest of the speakers that you will see at the bottom of the screen. During the moments prior to the broadcast, you will be able to talk to each other to prepare for the future broadcast or comment on any questions during the event.

speaking room en webinars

As a speaker, you will be able to use the screen sharing at the lower left part, a browser window will open in which you will be able to select the content to share. Finally, at the top you will see the Streaming View, a window to the live broadcast so you can follow the final content without having to leave the environment.

For example, is the speakers are in an environment like Zoom, they cannot know what the audience is seeing and they talk to a black window. For other improvements, consult this article.

As the producer, as the participants enter the Speaking Room you will see how the cameras are created in the Studio. From there, using the switch, the scene selector and the labels that define the speakers, you have total control of the broadcast. You decide who appears on screen and in what composition.

speaking room en webinars

If you have any doubt, you can consult our help center, or send us a message.

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