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What is Watchity?

What is Watchity and what is it for?

Watchity is a comprehensive solution for audiovisual content creation, multichannel streaming, and audience engagement with which any organization can create and manage its own interactive audiovisual platform.

Watchity appears as a response to the need of companies to take advantage of the benefits of audiovisual communication to improve the relationship with their customers, partners, and employees, achieving more engagement and increasing the results of their content and events in relation to what can be achieved with other video solutions.

For all those companies that want to stand out from the rest with their content and events, Watchity brings a more professional approach in every sense, closer to the audiovisual communication to which the media have accustomed us, to allow the creation of more impactful experiences for both internal and external audiences.

It is an all-in-one solution with 3 major blocks of features:

  • Create: cloud video production software to create, in a very simple way and without requiring audiovisual knowledge, live broadcasts and recorded or canned videos with a professional look and brand presence, like the ones we see on TV programs.
  • Stream: a scalable and secure streaming platform that allows content and events to be embedded in the company’s website (or intranet, partner portal, etc.) and broadcast in FullHD, with an image fully adapted to the company’s brand image.
  • Engage: a set of event management features (promotion, registration management, email marketing), audience interaction (Q&As, chat, polls), and data mining that cover all the needs associated with an event from start to finish.

With Watchity, companies can create, throughout the organization, a continuous schedule of content and events for their audiences, using the most convenient channels (web intranet, social media) and the most appropriate formats for each need:

  • Webinars and interactive and participatory events fully customized with the company’s branding.
  • One-way streaming events (without audience participation) broadcasted to large volumes of audience.
  • Professional event production and broadcast on social media accounts and profiles.

Unlike most webinar and streaming platforms on the market, Watchity provides the advantages of a premium solution:

  1. Position your brand: your brand will always be present throughout the viewer experience.
  2. Imply your audience: you will ensure that your viewers attend your events and actively participate.
  3. Achieve results: you will ensure that your events generate tangible results for your business (lead generation, increased sales, better access to information, etc.).

Watchity features

Watchity offers the set of integrated features you need to manage your interactive audiovisual platform professionally in a unique combination that you won’t find in any other tool. Discover why it is the most complete solution.

Watchity Create – Professional streaming software

professional streaming software

Watchity Create allows showcasing a professional and branded image by easily producing live video and other TV-like audiovisual content for social media and other platforms. Its main features are:

  • Scene composition
  • Guest room
  • Graphics and branding
  • Auto-recording
  • Multistream to social media
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Clipping

It is the integrated tool for professional video auto-production with which anyone can include predefined scenes, graphics, and backgrounds in their productions, use video clips, connect with multiple speakers, and make use of any other features needed to create powerful content.

On the other side, Watchity Create incorporates a multi-destination simulcasting system that has native connectors with the main social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube) to allow the user to create live streaming sessions with a single click, as well as RTMP connectors that allow sending the live video session to any other destination, including public sites such as Twitch, Instagram, Tik Tok or Vimeo, corporate platforms such as Microsoft Teams and event platforms like Hopin, Meetmaps or Eventwo.

Watchity Stream – Enterprise video platform

enterprise video platform

Watchity Stream allows you to get total control over user experience, audience data, and brand image, publishing events and videos on your own streaming channel with Watchity’s enterprise video platform. Its main features are:

  • Player
  • CDN
  • Video hosting
  • Video analytics
  • Security
  • API

Watchity Stream is supported by a cloud infrastructure based on AWS that allows us to ensure scalability both in audience volume and number of simultaneous sessions, as well as the distribution of content globally to offer a great experience to the viewer regardless of the point of the globe from which they connect.

For on-demand video management, Watchity Stream allows recording an event automatically to have the full video at the moment the session ends, create video clips (or snippets) from a broadcast (both in real-time while the video is being broadcasted and from the recording of the session), upload videos and get the code to embed the video player in any web, share videos on social media and organize all content in collections.

Finally, it incorporates the features to evaluate the results of the event through the attendance report, as well as video analytics (which allows to obtain demographic information about the audience), and qualitative and quantitative information about the interaction with the content.

Watchity Engage – Audience engagement tools

audience engagement tools

With Watchity Engage you will attract your audience, manage registrations, automate communication and create interactive and participatory experiences to get better results in your events with Watchity’s engagement tools. Its main features are:

  • Event room
  • Landing pages
  • Registration management
  • Automated emails
  • Interaction components: chat, Q&As, polls, CTAs
  • Reporting
  • Integrations

In this way, Watchity provides the necessary features to ensure the attendance to the session of the target audience, including the configuration of the access mode (open, private, by registration), the creation of customized landing pages with a registration form, the automated sending of confirmation emails, calendar appointments, and reminders, and the control of registrations in real-time.

On the other side, it has a complete “event room”, which is the web page to which the audience connects through their web browser to watch the content in high quality using the integrated video player and interact using the participation tools.

The event room can operate in “stand-alone” mode, i.e., with an independent URL, or “embedded” within the company’s website.

Watchity use cases

Thanks to the ease of use of Watchity, the different departments of the company will be able to reinforce their marketing, sales, communication, training, and customer loyalty activities and strategies.

Marketing and sales

Position your brand, generate demand, and boost sales through a continuous strategy of interactive audiovisual content for your website and social networks:

  • Brand leadership events
  • Product demos
  • Live commerce
  • Social media events
  • Contests
  • Launches
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Events with influencers

Corporate communication

Achieve greater visibility, greater transparency of corporate activity, and greater employee involvement through a 360º multichannel communication strategy:

  • Internal communication
  • Press conferences
  • Company ads
  • Corporate culture
  • Results presentation
  • Institutional events

Online training

Dynamize training among your customers, employees, office network, partners, and distributors. Expand online training to the entire organization and increase the frequency of sessions while reducing costs:

  • Training webinars
  • Informative webinars
  • Video tutorials
  • Video courses
  • Interactive workshops
  • Q&A sessions
  • Informative videos

Customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty through valuable content that helps them get more out of the products they have purchased and generates a propensity to buy again:

  • Video tutorials
  • Social media events
  • Customer feedback
  • Pre-launch of new products
  • Q&A sessions

If you want to know more about what Watchity can bring to your organization, you can send us a message or book a customized demo. If you prefer, you can also try it for free for yourself.

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