Benefits of Hybrid Events
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Benefits of Hybrid Events

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event sector has been changing and has had to adapt to current needs. Most events have become virtual offering, within the possibilities, a complete experience to the audience. When the situation has allowed, presential events adapted to new restrictions has been held and combined with virtual events.

Due to the need that has arisen to combine the best elements of both formats, has appeared the new phenomenon of the world of events: the hybrid event. With this new concept, people can attend both personally and using virtual software. In this article we will explain the benefits of hybrid events. Now more than ever, it has boosted its boom in the business world. Today, we can say that such events are the new normal. During this time, they have been adapted to the point where they are considered practically the best option in most cases. So, they’ll probably last after the pandemic.

But what are the benefits of hybrid events?

Holding such events is beneficial not only for the organization that hosts them, but also for the audience that attends, both remotely and in person. Below, we share the main benefits of hybrid events:

Increased audience

The main benefit of a hybrid event is that it offers the new opportunity to reach more potential attendees. While in a physical event you are limited to people from a specific geographic region or to the ability and time to travel to the event venue, with a hybrid event you don’t have to move from home! Moreover, the event can accommodate more people that in the case of a physical location, so the number of potential attendees will be almost unlimited.

Higher engagement

By using virtual tools and the sharing information, your attendees will gain more knowledge than at a traditional event.By providing them with extra content and live digital interaction, both virtual and physical assistants will be fully engaged.

More sponsorship opportunities

Hybrid events double the amount of exposure the sponsors had before. Now they have the opportunity to stand in front of your viewers both physical and virtual.
Hosting part of your event in a digital environment creates new opportunities for lead generation and brand recognition. Offering more value, your event will attract even more sponsors.

Better metrics and data

The main advantage of virtual tools is the accuracy of data that gives you unique insights into audience engagement. This can lead to marketing and other business operations. For instance, in a live event, you can estimate how many viewers participated in a session. However, with hybrid events you can know the exact number of participants, as well as how your viewers got engaged and when they left the session.

Improved return on investment

Hybrid events offer better return on investments, mainly due to increased reach and scalability. Because you get more attendance, which will result in more visits for sponsors and more post-event registrations. In addition, using a virtual platform next to your event, you reduce operational costs, generating a greater leads pool and expanding the scope for a greater event experience.

What do you think of the benefits of hybrid events?

In order to obtain the mentioned benefits, it will be essential that you choose a good streaming platform to carry out the virtual part of your hybrid event. Because it’s not just about getting a good image, audio and lighting. You need to have a good video management tool to ensure the success of the event.

The Watchity platform allow you to customize live video by adding overlays, logos, etc., manage user access, add a chat to interact with the audience, and get reports and event statistics, among other features.

After seeing the benefits of hybrid events, do you want to know more details about what these events encompass? Types of hybrid events, key elements, how to organize them, engagement generated, sponsorship of a hybrid event, etc. You can view all the information by downloading “Watchity’s Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Hybrid Event”.

If you also want to discover how Watchity Watchity, don’t hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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