How to do a good live and get a great result
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How to Make a Great Live

There is no doubt that including live video in the communication strategy or, better said, prioritizing it, is part of the present of many businesses and organizations. It is demonstrated its power to reach the audience, promote engagement and improve conversion, among others. In this article, we are going to explain shortly how to make a great live.

We can resort to this tool for many corporate communications. The live is ideal to make a product presentation, a webinar, an informative session, an event, etc. But how can we make a great live?

Basic aspects to obtain the best result

The basic aspects we should consider to obtain the best result are:

Choosing a great streaming platform

This is one of the key points for the live transmission to live up to the expectations. We must be clear on our needs and search for a streaming platform that resolves them. Also, we should value positively that it offers functionalities that facilitate live management. And that it counts with a good technic service that can attend us quickly in case of unforeseen events.

Ensuring a good internet connection

It seems an obvious aspect but sometimes we witness connectivity problems during the events we attend. It conveys an unprofessional image that can harm your branding. Make sure you have the capacity to not have to worry about it.

Offering content of interest

Do we have the perfect streaming platform but the content we offer to the audience is not of their interest? Be careful! The consequences can be disastrous. Through our live videos we must generate value for our viewers, so don’t let them down and find out what they are expecting. In addition, be aware that the way you convey it must be natural. The more human and authentic you are, the better you will get to your target audience.

Having the necessary equipment

Less and less equipment is needed to obtain a great live with some of the current streaming platforms. Still, you must consider if you need a person to manage the camera, to moderate the Q&A shifts, etc.

Apart from the human team, it will be necessary to dispose of some devices or tools that allow you to offer a professional image. We will need a tripod or monopod to ensure that the camera or the smartphone provides a stable image. Also, a wireless or flap microphone that allows emitting a quality sound, and a LED light to transmit great lighting.

Promoting the live

Some days before the events you must post it through the most adequate channels for your audience. The ideal is to start three weeks before, send a reminder a week before, within two days, and the same day an hour before. This way, you will generate expectations and interest among your audience.

Creating a hashtag for the live

The fact of creating a hashtag that defines or identifies your event will allow you to generate engagement with the attendees and reach more external audiences.

Involving your audience

One of the strong points of live video is that you can interact in real-time with the audience. So, take advantage of it and encourage the participation of your viewers! You can maintain close interaction with the audience dedicating time to launch “questions and answers” and resolving doubts by making live demonstrations, among others.

Reusing the live

Once finished the event, download the live transmission, and reuse it “pre-recorded” to feed other marketing materials. You can send it to all the attendees for them to watch it calmly on another moment and you can share it including it in other posts (blog, YouTube channel, etc.).

Measuring the live results

As in every type of event, it is necessary to define and analyze the metrics to be able to value the results and make future decisions. We will be interested, at least, in the number of total attendees, the maximum number of simultaneous viewers during the live, the number of reactions, comments, and shares, and the number of viewers in the “pre-recorded” version.

And so much for our tips on some of the key aspects. Now, surely you are much clearer on how to make a great live.

The Watchity platform offers functionalities that facilitate the management for making a great live. If you want more information don’t hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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