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Watchity and Emogg Partner to Transform Video Engagement.

Watchity takes Video Engagement to the next level by partnering with Emogg, a groundbreaking emotional analysis solution powered by artificial intelligence. This alliance enables the monitoring of speakers’ emotions during virtual events, providing valuable insights into their impact on the audience.



In a landscape where virtual events are essential, Watchity and Emogg join forces to offer a comprehensive solution that combines virtual event management and production with real-time emotional analysis.

Real-time emotion to optimize your virtual events

The Emogg platform leverages artificial intelligence to analyze seven emotional and attention indicators. Watchity users will be able to obtain a detailed report on the emotional impact of each scene in the video.

Watchity will provide its clients with emotional and attentional indicators for events, training sessions, and webinars hosted on its platform. Companies will receive immediate feedback on the engagement levels of their broadcasted content.

“The integration of Emogg’s technology into our platform is a significant step in our commitment to providing our clients with advanced tools to maximize the impact of their live content. We are confident that offering real-time emotional analysis will help our companies improve their engagement and results,” states Albert Rodes, Founder and CEO of Watchity.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Enhanced engagement: Information about emotions enables a better understanding of how content connects with the audience and optimizes engagement strategies.
  • Maximized content impact: Emotional data helps improve the production of events and audiovisual content, ensuring a greater impact on the audience.
  • Strategic decision-making: Emotional analysis empowers businesses to make more informed decisions about content creation and event planning.

“We are thrilled to partner with Watchity to provide real-time emotional analysis to their clients. This collaboration will allow companies to better understand the impact of their content on their audience and optimize their engagement strategies,” says Edgar Sanjuán, Founder and CEO of Emogg.

For more information about this groundbreaking functionality, please feel free to contact our team.

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