10 hybrid event trends in 2022

10 Trends of hybrid events in 2022

The events sector has evolved considerably in recent years, and more specifically since 2020. Although certain innovations derived from the technological evolution associated with the passage of time were already being implemented, the pandemic was a before and an after. The industry of events was radically transformed as those that took place during that year became virtual. Some were canceled, but a large majority reinvented themselves adapting to the new format to try to continue their activity. In 2021 the situation did not allow yet to return to the previous presence and hybrid events were the absolute trend. Are you thinking about what will happen next year? In this article, we will share the main trends of hybrid events in 2022.

If one thing is clear, it is that hybrid events will remain the star format for the next year. On the first hand, because they allow to mix the best of both formats (physical and virtual) and, on the other hand, because the current caused by the Covid-19 will still require the virtual format to be maintained for a long time. So, the same format will remain, but within it, some key features or elements will be highlighted.

So, what will be the trends of hybrid events in 2022?

Here are the ones we consider most outstanding:

1. Increase in hybrid events

They have more and more followers and the next year will continue to increase. Those who were initially reluctant have been added to this format, in view of the benefits, it brings to both the organizers and the audience. According to recent studies, although the purpose is always to normalize the situation and return to the pre-pandemic format, almost 75% of event organizers will continue to maintain virtual spaces or elements no matter what.

2. Prioritization of health and safety

With the recent evolution of the situation with regard to the pandemic, the importance of safety in protecting our health will once again be heightened next year. For this reason, scheduled face-to-face events will be discarded again, at least during the first half of the year. And then hybrid and virtual events will become even more meaningful, thus contributing to prioritizing people’s safety and health.

3. They become a key element in the communication strategy

The events used to be more closed, they were focused on a few people who were already part of the most qualified segment on the funnel sales. Now, hybrid events will be increasingly open, targeting many more people who are part of the different funnel segments. They will be considered a key activity or action within the communication and public relations strategy.

4. Increase in micro-events

Among the trends of hybrid events in 2022 stands out the implementation of micro-events. Event organizers are changing the frequency and amount of content they offer to their audience. That means, instead of organizing a few large-scale events, they will launch more events, on a smaller scale and spread more eventfully throughout the year.

5. Increased interest in event technology

As hybrid and virtual events require good technology, more and more organizations want to invest adequately in technology to carry out such events. As a result, there is growing interest in event technology and more platforms to manage them. As a result of the pandemic and the consequent paradigm shift, many platforms have emerged and will continue to grow over the next year.

6. More internal events in companies

Since 2020, relations between employees in many companies have also changed radically. Limitations and protocols of distancing have in many cases eliminated or restricted personal interaction, moving to communications and internal events in a virtual and hybrid format. And given the comfort and efficiency that they have brought, they will continue to be very present during 2022.

7. Greater presence of hybrid events in education

The years 2020 and 2021 were disastrous to promote university studies to potential students who would become part of this community. Open days are key in this process and were affected by various constraints. So, students were not able to properly explore or value the proposals as they can now since hybrid events have been resorted to. These allow to reach a greater audience (face-to-face and virtual), and in 2022 this format will continue to be implemented.

Another part of the education sector that has improved considerably, since the switch to the hybrid format, has been that of academic conferences. It used to be a waste of resources in terms of travel, accommodation, etc. of lecturers, which has now been eliminated by broadcasting their lectures in a virtual way in the framework of hybrid events. These conferences will continue to flourish and become even more global in 2022.

8. Increased audience at trade fairs

As we mentioned earlier, some events were reduced to fewer contacts or potential customers, in this case, something similar happens. Trade fairs used to target people who were part of the same sector or who were already in the commercial circuit. Since the virtual part of these events is offered, the audience has increased reaching more diverse profiles and therefore increasing the number of potential customers. Next year will be no less and this practice will continue to bear fruit.

9. Saving of resources

The fact that by 2022 more events will become hybrids will result in a saving of staff resources. The realization of hybrid events requires a minimum hiring of personnel if we compare it with what implies a face-to-face event. Offering micro-events and carrying them out with a good virtual event platform, is the perfect tandem to save costs while offering valuable content to the audience. In order for this to emerge, do not forget to choose the virtual events platform well, since if it does not offer the features that facilitate the management, we will not meet the aforementioned expectations. Watchity is one of the most recommended options among event organizers who have tried various platforms.

10. More mobile apps for events

As many attendees to hybrid events access these via mobile, more and more event management platforms are creating their own apps. Sometimes the entire event is not accessed via mobile, but it is clear that if there is an application specially created for the event, users will appreciate using it to facilitate or expedite various efforts. So, over the next year, mobile apps for events are going to be an absolute trend.

And so far, our top ten in terms of hybrid event trends in 2022.

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