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Discover Watchity’s products: the Event Platform

A few weeks ago, we briefly explained in this post the four products of Watchity, the most complete video engagement platform for businesses. Now it’s time to delve into each of them, explaining in more detail what they consist of and their features. In this article, we will focus on the Event Platform.

What is the Event Platform?

Among Watchity’s products, the Event Platform is designed to create and manage online events, whether they are virtual events, hybrid events, webinars, etc., from start to finish.

End-to-end management of online events

Users of the Event Platform have the functionalities to cover all stages of events from a single environment/suite, eliminating the need to use additional tools or platforms. From event promotion, registration management, scheduling and broadcasting of the event itself, audience participation and interaction, to result analysis once the event is finished.

Customization of events with your brand

The Event Platform allows you to customize all event content and touchpoints with your audience using your corporate branding and style. This includes the landing page for event promotion, automated emails, and the video player displaying the virtual event environment.

Advanced streaming technology

The Event Platform is not just a regular streaming solution. It includes a powerful premium streaming platform that enables scalable and secure event broadcasting. It provides an embeddable event room with FullHD streaming through a global content delivery network (CDN), video analytics, security measures, and an API layer for integrations.

Features of the Event Platform

Landing Pages

With Watchity Event Platform, you can create landing pages to showcase and promote all the information about your online events, including the title, date, event description, and duration. These landing pages are fully customizable, allowing you to use your company’s corporate colors, add backgrounds, texts, images, and logos. You can also activate a countdown timer to generate more anticipation around the event.

Registration Management

The Event Platform allows you to configure and activate registration forms to collect viewer data for the event. You can use predefined basic fields or create custom fields, and decide whether they are mandatory or optional.

Promotion and registrations

Auto Emails

With this platform, you can generate customizable email sequences to be automatically sent to registered users. For example, a common email sequence includes a registration confirmation email with a calendar invitation and a link to the event room, a reminder email a few days or one day before the event, another reminder email on the event day (a few hours before), and a final thank-you email after the event (which can include shared session highlights, additional information, etc.).

Integrated Event Room on Your Website

The audience’s experience is centralized on a single web page that includes all engagement tools: the landing page, registration form, access to content (live and on-demand), and interaction components. Viewers can access the event using their browser without the need for additional installations on their devices. You can embed the event room on your website using an embed code or generate a separate URL with Watchity. Access can be protected with various configurable options: free access without prior registration, access through registration, private access through a “white list,” and private access with a password. The event room also has a multi-language interface to facilitate access for users from other countries, displaying controls, elements, and engagement tools in the language set in the user’s browser.

HTML5 Player

The platform provides an embeddable and customizable HTML5 video player that allows you to integrate event broadcasts within your corporate environment. The Watchity logo and name disappear from the player, giving your company full control and prominence over the viewer’s experience, unlike platforms like YouTube. A distinguishing feature is that it gives the audience control over the player, allowing them to personalize their viewing experience. They can pause the stream when needed and resume it later from where they left off, start watching from the beginning even if they joined the event late, mute the audio, watch replays at their convenience, and visually browse the timeline to find specific moments of interest.

Moreover, the live streaming generated with Watchity Stream is in FullHD quality, providing a more professional visual experience compared to other basic webinar and video conferencing platforms. It can be accessed through web browsers, using the HLS format like YouTube, and viewed on any device. The video quality adapts to the available bandwidth, ensuring scalability and security.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

With Watchity, you can distribute your events globally to any number of viewers you need. The platform utilizes a global and scalable streaming content delivery network (CDN) with servers distributed worldwide. This ensures smooth content delivery to viewers without buffering or delays, regardless of their location.


The platform includes integrated interaction and engagement components to energize the events and foster audience engagement. The components or functionalities include:

  • Connected participants list: Constantly seeing the list of connected users and their activity allows you to make real-time decisions regarding the content you share or the pace you maintain, aiming to keep the viewers engaged and make the event a success.
  • Q&A (Questions and Answers): This feature gives a voice to the audience, allowing them to share their questions and concerns during the event. You can enable voting on the questions, prioritize the ones generating more interest, filter and sort questions, and have speakers answer them in real-time or at the end of the event using the integrated response system.
  • Interactive chat: The interactive chat fosters conversation among the audience on the event’s topic. It also serves as an indicator to moderate the pace and content based on the comments to maintain interest. Some comments/messages can be highlighted within the session’s broadcast using overlays, making the audience feel more involved. The chat can be configured as public, visible only to the organizer, or even private chats among attendees.
  • Polls: Launching questions with predefined answer options allows viewers to vote, providing general audience feedback. It simultaneously promotes attention, interest, and participation.
  • Calls to Action (CTA): The platform allows you to add customized “calls to action” buttons with messages and links that can be displayed during or after the session. This encourages the audience to take specific actions, such as rating the session, completing a survey, downloading content, registering for future events, etc.


Streaming with our platform ensures optimal security at the enterprise level. Watchity incorporates multiple security mechanisms, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certifications for the Amazon CloudFront CDN, encrypted content delivery via HTTPS, and protection against network attacks.


Whether it’s before, during, or after the event, Watchity allows you to obtain data and insights about your viewers. You can generate customized reports in Excel or CSV format at any time, containing information such as registered users, registration details, attendees, their viewing duration, and their participation data (such as chat messages, etc.).


With this functionality, you can analyze how the audience consumed the event’s streaming. For each event, real-time and aggregated data are generated, including unique users, recurring views, average viewing time, devices used, geolocation, and more.


Watchity enables integration with your own business applications and systems by providing an open API for unlimited use. You can automate tasks such as integrating an external registration system, sending data to CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce, identifying users through Single Sign-On, and scheduling events from your own systems.

That concludes the detailed information about one of Watchity’s products, the Event Platform.

If you would like more information about Watchity, you can contact us through the form, or request a demo to see how it works.

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