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How a virtual event platform can enhance the corporate culture

Corporate culture is the personality that defines a company, the rules, procedures, and values of its team. Both the management team and employees must be in tune and follow the same line to achieve success. Working in a remote way is part of the new normality, so companies that implement this trend and know how to take advantage of its benefits will forge a more profitable and joyful work environment. In this article, we will explain how a virtual event platform can enhance the corporate culture of companies.

According to several studies, a high percentage of employees who during the pandemic passed to the virtual format, want to maintain it indefinitely. Some companies like Google and Hubspot did it already before the pandemic and confirm its effectiveness in view of the obtained results. The human resources departments of a high percentage of companies have also opened horizons recruiting talent from any part of the world, thanks to the possibility of offering remote job positions. So, with that in mind, the telework has come to stay and the best will be taking the most advantage of it.

Most internal and external communications of companies have passed to the virtual format, and, thanks to the live video platforms, they can be performed with the same effectivity. It has been detected that many managers must improve the management of personal relations, this means, they must improve the relationship with their employees, increase their listening ability, and establish solid relations with them to strengthen the communication. A virtual event platform can help to achieve this challenge, it is only about choosing a quality one that allows you to implement features that make this task and all the necessary management easy. Watchity is a great example of a virtual event platform that meets the expectations of all users. It is managed easily without technical requirements, offers a wide range of features and its audience or users perceive it as a strong and professional solution.

It must be mentioned that not all is positive in the virtual work modality since some defiance is generated of which opportunities arise, but also disadvantages. But nothing that cannot be solved. To work remotely it is essential to dispose of the necessary technology and an adequate space because will be crucial for the work quality. It is logical because this will influence proportionally on the motivation level and, consequently, on the performance. Distractions or interruptions caused by other persons who live with you must be avoided, as well as dedication to other extra work managements in hours of work. It also must be avoided dedicating to work much more time than stipulated, because you can enter into a bad time management dynamic that will badly impact performance, even if it seems the opposite a priori.

How can a virtual event platform enhance the corporate culture?

Whether you work in person or online, establishing and strengthening the corporate culture among employees is crucial for the growth and solidity of a company. It must be considered that this culture is dynamic with the past of the time, so it must be adapted to the changes and challenges that appear. And there is no doubt that one of the most notorious changes in the work stage has been passing, in many companies, from the presential format to the virtual one.

For this reason, we will share some advice to improve the corporate culture through a virtual event platform:

Implement a training plan

In an organization, it is necessary to work on corporate values, either in a specific way or in a more transversal way. The virtual environment gives us the opportunity to organize simple and effective training sessions, without the requirement of excessive mobilization and infrastructure or resources. Therefore, they can often be made to work in areas such as innovation, customer relations, changes incorporated in some processes, teamwork, etc. We can impart them through a platform of virtual events with different focus and content, depending on whether we direct them to new employees or to personnel already consolidated in the company.

Build virtual work teams

In the form of face-to-face work, it is easier to build teams whose members have a close relationship, and a good working environment is fostered. In the mode of remote work is a little more laborious, but not impossible. Many of the virtual event platforms facilitate this task because apart from allowing the holding of meetings, they also make other functionalities available to users that promote communication in various formats. To strengthen the team spirit and generate a fun work environment you can organize fun activities, such as mini trivial competitions, do yoga in the chair, a mini bingo session, etc. They can be held, for example, at the end of meetings or during a short break in the middle of meetings.

Organize virtual meeting outside the workplace

From time to time, it’s a good option to be virtually out of work, just like you usually do outside of work when you’re in person. They can organize hangouts through the same virtual event platform and have a few snacks while sharing music, talking about favorite series, movies, or books, etc. In this way, positive connections are generated which are then transferred to the professional environment.

Create private meeting spaces

In the virtual environment, group or team meetings tend to predominate and employees may miss or need to speak in a “petit committee” or only with one person. Therefore, through the same virtual platform of events, we must open a meeting space in which employees or managers have the opportunity to share in private their concerns or impressions derived from work or other team meetings. This space will be more personalized and will transmit confidence so that problems that arise from the beginning can be addressed or dealt with before they become more difficult to solve.

Celebrate special dates and achievements

Since human interaction is largely lost in virtual work, we must give importance to celebrations. We can congratulate employees for their birthday, send them a home detail, celebrate company anniversaries, welcome new employees, and achievements (business goals met, new contract signatures, etc.). We must ensure that, even if they work in a virtual way, they feel attention and recognition for being part of the team.

And so far, our recommendations to improving the corporate culture in a virtual work format. Do you have clearer how to achieve it with a virtual event platform? We hope so!

If you want to find out more information about virtual events or the Watchityplatform, do not hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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