Key Elements for Hybrid Events
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Key Elements for Hybrid Events

Recently, we talked about the benefits of hybrid events (you can read it here), and in this article we’ll explain what the key elements for hybrid events are.

This format has revolutionized the event sector by adapting to the paradigm shift caused by the pandemic. Hybrid events were already beginning to be popular before the pandemic but have now become essential. It’s logical because they allow to reach more audience, create new experiences and improve the engagement, among other benefits.

We must consider the following key elements for hybrid events to be a success:


We could say this is the most important point. The platform is the element that will allow your virtual viewers to see, read and listen to your content. You should also choose a platform that has the features you need for your event, such as registration, easy access, that generates a good engagement with the audience or that has networking tools. If you have this, the other points or items will be easier to get.


If we talk about technology, we must consider both presential and virtual parts.

As for the virtual part, you know that, as we just mentioned, you will need a good streaming platform that works smoothly and adapts to the event you want to perform.

On the other hand, if we talk about the face-to-face part, it is the standard event material. For instance, you’ll need good cameras for high-quality video, microphones for convenient audio, good lighting, and a powerful internet connection that allows the event to run smoothly.


To make this management easier for everyone, you need to find an intuitive way to register and, if possible, integrate it into your streaming platform. You should also make sure that the registration platform integrates a payment or ticket sales system, all depending on your needs.

Added to this, you should be able to have a global view of your entire attendee list, so you can see who signs up and who doesn’t. So, if you follow up after the event, you’ll know who attended and who didn’t, and what kind of email you should send them.

Hybrid Event Room

If you perform a hybrid event means that, apart from the streaming platform for the virtual part, you will need a room for the face-to-face part. You must ensure that the site has adequate lighting and space and, most importantly, a fluid internet. In conclusion, choose a room that fits perfectly to the event to offer your audience a quality experience.

Meeting Schedule

It is evident that, if the event is hybrid, there will be viewers both in person and online. That is why the meetings between them must be adapted to the situation of the event.

To make meetings neat and worthwhile, you need to find a meeting organizing system that suits both types of attendees. Therefore, you can use any meeting scheduling tool that points out on viewers’ calendars the meetings they have reserved for networking. This will help your attendees organize their meetings and be able to set them up easily using that tool.

Attractive Content

You need to keep in mind that the content should be aimed at both your physical and virtual audience. This means that when preparing conferences, talks or presentations, you should consider both types of audience. Make sure the speakers are including the entire audience and that the content adapts to the hybrid format.


If you hold a hybrid event, it means your organization will have the opportunity to attract a large number of attendees to it. So, you should take advantage of it and create a whole atmosphere around the event. Generate expectation by promoting it correctly and trying to get your target’s attention. All promotion and marketing strategies must be consistent with the values and image of your brand or company.


In relation to the point of “programming of meetings”, this one deals with networking in particular. Networking is an important part of the event and can be really useful for your audience when it comes to connecting in a more valuable way and generating more leads. Therefore, you must provide great networking opportunities through both virtual and offline elements.


The feedback from your audience is very relevant to know how the event has gone. For this reason, you can send a survey to find out what your audience thinks you can improve for the next event, what activity or conference they liked the most, etc. In this way, you will end up making and producing large hybrid events.

Audience Interaction

In relation to the previous point, you should get interaction from your live audience (get feedback) and you can do it through different options, such as launching a “question and answer” or implementing a live chat feature. Try to involve your viewers in all activities as much as possible.

Entertainment and Activities

Entertainment is essential in an event. You should organize the day so that there are playful activities and distractions with which your audience disconnects a little. Besides, you can’t forget to include both audiences (online and offline) in each activity you organize or, at least, think of activities for both.

Do you agree with the key elements to achieve successful hybrid events?

After seeing all these key elements, do you want to know more details of everything that encompasses these events? Types of hybrid events, benefits they bring, how to organize them, the engagement they generate, sponsorship of a hybrid event, etc. You can view all the information by downloading “The Ultimate Watchity Guide to a Hybrid Event“.

And if you want to know how you can easily and professionally do hybrid events with Watchity, don’t hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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